| Date: 03.05.2017

Open Plan Living 

Over recent years, open plan living has grown in popularity to the point where for many people it’s now one of the main features they look for in a home. Broadly speaking, the trend encompasses having few or no dividing walls between the main living areas of the home – kitchen, living and dining rooms, or any combination of these.

There are a number of reasons why open plan living is so popular – mainly, open space allows the different areas to connect and blend into each other in a manner which feels natural while allowing for togetherness of the whole family and expanding multi-tasking possibility. What’s more, open plan living architecture means more natural light can travel throughout the entire home, meaning you don’t get dark corners, and it also has the ability to make small spaces appear larger.

Since approximately a third of homes now features an open-plan area, it’s time to start thinking interior design, and more precisely, how to make sure the spaces flow together beyond physically getting rid of the walls.

Wood Effect Floors – The Perfect Solution

Floors are a focal point for every room, and this is even truer when it comes to picking the flooring in for open plan living you need to find an option that will provide the functionality and aesthetics you need for both your kitchen and living room, all in one material!

This is where wood effect tiles come to the rescue! Quite possibly the perfect solution for those of you seeking to have the most functional and best looking open plan area, wood effect tiles boast a number of advantages when compared to the natural wood alternative.

Perhaps the main selling point of this type of flooring is the fact that wood effect tiles are more durable than their natural counterpart – ceramic or porcelain tiles are harder wearing, waterproof and not prone to discolourations the way wooden flooring is. They are also much easier to clean than other alternatives, and combine very well with underfloor heating, should you wish to boost the comfort factor in your open plan area even further.

In addition to being extremely practical, especially as a flooring alternative for the kitchen which tends to be the epicentre of spillage and stains, wood effect tiles can also bring a unique style to your home. Thanks to the superior technology used to make the tiles, the wood effect created is extremely lifelike and high quality. Moreover, wood effect tiles allow you to experiment with colours, shapes and finish in a lot more ways than real wood, meaning you can turn your open-plan area into a real interior design masterpiece.

Open Plan Living Tile Ideas

Here are some of our favourite wood effect tiles which are ideal for adding character and depth to your open space living areas – there’s something to be found for every house, whether you are going for rustic, traditional or modern décor.

Roof – White Wood Effect

If you have always wanted to brighten your living space with a white floor, but you’ve been too worried they’d be a nightmare to clean if anything got spilt on it, look no further! Our Roof wood effect porcelain tiles will catch the light in your open plan area without catching any stains – so you can go ahead and open that bottle of red you’ve been saving for dinner.

Open Plan Living - Roof Wood Effect Tiles

Get a Shabby Chic, Rustic Vibe

These plank-style tiles are ideal if you desire the latest rustic, on-trend floor tiles for your open-plan living area. The high colour and pattern variation between individual tiles gives them a real shabby chic appearance, without forfeiting their functionality.

Tarima Grey Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

Tarima Grey Distressed Wood Effect Tiles

Maryland – Favourite In Natural Tones

If you are a fan of the most traditional look of natural wood but want to do away with all the maintenance hassle, Maryland wood effect tiles offer the best of both worlds. Open plan living with Maryland floors is classy and stylish, while also easy to upkeep.

Open Plan Living - Maryland Wood Effect Tiles

Floors With Gloss Finish 

The gloss finish of wood effect tiles make them the perfect choice for anyone desiring to give their open-plan space a sleek and stylish makeover.

Open Plan Living - Gloss Wood Effect

Great Decking Wood Effect With Jungle

Ideal for creating a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors, the Jungle porcelain wood tiles come in two different colours and are perfect for use both as fashionable plank tiles within an open plan area and as hassle-free decking alternative.

Open Plan Living - Jungle Wood Effect

Add Drama To Your Open PLan Living

If you are a fan of bold interior design statements, these dark wood effect Bricola tiles are a fantastic choice for your living space. The striking colour will turn your open-plan area into a signature piece your guests will remember long after dessert.

Open Plan Living - Bricola Wood Effect

If you are looking to give your open plan living areas a floor makeover, you can browse our full range of wood effect tiles. You can also contact us for free tile samples, expert flooring advice or to place an order.