| Date: 14.06.2016

Shabby chic designs: one of the new hot styles for 2016

Shabby chic tiles do exactly what they say on the tin: fuse the stylish and the swish with the rough and edgy, to create a truly stunning effect that combines flair with vintage character. It can mean anything from crackle glazed Metro tiles to mismatched patchwork tiles that join intricate geometric patterns and floral designs from the Victorian era together in a haphazard way.

What is shabby chic?

Shabby chic is an interior design trend. It began in the 1980s in the United Kingdom when people began to draw inspiration from old country houses. Back then, the term “shabby chic” was coined by the World of Interiors magazine. It is a decorating style in which furniture and accessories are chosen because they are obviously old and show signs of wear and tear, or because they are more modern and have been distressed to give the appearance of aging.

Choosing Shabby Chic Tiles

In this article, we take a look at just a few of the shabby-chic tiles, both ceramic and porcelain, currently on the market from Direct Tile Warehouse.

Victorian Style Shabby Chic Tiles

These pseudo-Victorian tiles mix geometric patterns, eye-catching three-dimensional designs, floral imagery and much more on their patchwork board of different individual squares. The effect is one that both mimics the elegance of 18th-century townhouses and breaks from tradition, creating a helter-skelter surface finish that has everything from fleur-de-lis to block printed squares. Try our Louvre range available in multicolours or black and white.

Shabby Chic Tiles - Louvre Patchwork Tiles

Frame a small section

If the thought of a whole wall or floor is too much, then why not try framing a section of shabby chic tiles surrounded by wood effect, plain white, or a prominent shade from the colour scheme? It will look fantastic as a feature on the wall or floor and add lots of interest without being overpowering.

Shabby Chic Tiles - Passage Patchwork Tiles

Riga Patchwork Tiles

The stunning Riga patchwork tiles should be taken into consideration by anyone looking for something a little unique. The fact that this tile can be used to design lovely shabby chic patterns as patterned floor or wall tiles is something we admire. To make a truly intriguing ceramic showpiece, they are decorated with complex geometric and floral designs that are all mismatched in squares across the surface. Undoubtedly one of our favourite patterns in kitchen wall tiles.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas - Riga

Shabby Chic Wood Effect Tiles

Leaning just a little towards the more rustic side of our shabby-chic selection, our wood effect ceramic tiles offer home improvers the chance to infuse their kitchen and bathroom, floors and walls with a dash of New England mismatched classic weather-beaten shabbiness.

Shabby Chic Tiles - Jungle Wood Effect Tiles

Brick Effect/Split Face Shabby Chic Tiles

For shabby chic tiles to add texture, try split face or brick effect tiles. The high colour variation between tiles replicates a natural stone effect which is perfect for feature walls and eye-catching splashbacks, and add bags of texture to your wall.

Shabby Chic Tiles - Impression Brick Effect Tiles

Flower Power

Introduce a fun design and bright colours with a gorgeous floral design, such as our stunning Marrakech range. If a whole floor or wall is too much, try framing a small section with white tiles for a fabulous feature.

Shabby Chic Tiles - Marrakech Flower Tiles

We hope you’ve been inspired to introduce shabby chic tiles into your home! Why not browse our tile range for ideas?

If you have something in mind but can’t see it on our site, or need any tiling advice, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

In the meantime, why not check out these wonderful shabby chic projects from our customers below. Shabby chic heaven!