| Date: 07.07.2022

You’ve heard of feature walls, and may even have one of your own, but what about feature floors? With the perfect choice of statement floor tiles you can add interest underfoot.

A feature floor will make a style statement that exudes the wow factor, whether you’re mesmerised by marble effect, entranced by herringbone, or enthralled by striking geometric patterns. Perhaps you’d prefer the Moroccan or Mediterranean look to invoke holiday vibes, or get the vintage look with retro 1970s tiles or classic Victorian patterns.

Whatever the design, statement floor tiles can completely change the look of your room or hallway.

Statement Floor Tiles to Inspire You

We’ve gathered a collection of breathtaking statement floor tiles to inspire you, from patterns to geometrics and everything in between.

Mediterranean Statement Floor Tiles

Mediterranean-inspired interiors are becoming increasingly popular in the design industry, and it’s little wonder with all the gorgeously rich colours and intricate patterns to mimic the feel of sunny days on holiday. And of course, the easiest way to introduce this trend into your home is with Mediterranean-style tiles for a statement floor.

Mediterranean tiles frequently draw colour inspiration from their surroundings, making extensive use of desert dark reds and oranges as well as coastal blues.

For a more traditional look, opt for a geometric tile repeated in a pattern, or for a more modern look, pair them with wood effect or plain tiles to make a feature with just a few patterned tiles.

Either way, they offer a beautiful yet practical option and can even be used with underfloor heating for extra warmth underfoot. They are ideal for farmhouse kitchens, country-style bathrooms and hallways, or Mediterranean-inspired decors.

Antigua Beige Country Tiles

Antigua Beige Country Tiles

Brick Effect Statement Floor Tiles

Brick-effect tiles continue to be a popular selection. These tiles come in a wide variety of designs and types and have an intriguing and captivating quality. Most people would think of using brick effect tiles on the wall as a splashback, but they actually make a really lovely feature when used on the floor. Think country house chic, farmhouse vibes or a beautiful rustic cobbled courtyard.

These statement floor tiles are flexible and adaptable, so they can be used in any room in the house. And with the added bonus of underfloor heating, you can take the chill off too.

Indian Slate Effect Porcelain Tiles

Indian Slate Effect Porcelain Tiles

Circle Statement Floor Tiles

There has never been a greater demand for curved tiles in interior design. Recent trends have seen circles featuring in furniture, lighting, kitchen storage and of course tiles. Circle tiles are a wonderful choice for adding interest to your floor, to capture that 80s vibe or an Art Deco throwback.

Pattern tiles with a circular design instantly add impact to any room in your home. And if you choose a square or rectangular shaped tiles with a circular pattern, they are much easier to install than circles themselves, but give you the same effect. Pair them with wood or stone effect for a natural look or classic metros for a traditional style.

Victorian Statement Floor Tiles

Victorian tiles are an ever popular design for both traditional and contemporary homes. These stylish designs hark back to the late 1800s, where middle-class people began to use Victorian tiles to emulate the individually hand crafted tiles favoured by the aristocracy.

Modern Victorian tiles are made of hardwearing quality porcelain, and there’s a wide range of eye catching designs to choose from. You can opt for the classic monochrome look or introduce bolder tiles with hints of colour that you can complement with paint and soft furnishings.

Victorian tiles make a striking introduction to your home when used in the hallway, but they are also great for adding interest to smaller kitchens and bathrooms with plain colour schemes. And if a whole floor seems too much, framing a small section of Victorian tiles with plain or wood effect is a great move.

Vintage Statement Floor Tiles

There’s nothing that excites us more than a lovely unique vintage tile. Thankfully if you don’t want to try and source authentic retro tiles, there are so many vintage-inspired tiles out there for you to choose from.

And if 60s swirls or 70s colour clashes are too much, try a more subtle option with low-key tones and a pattern from yesteryear. Use vintage tiles in any room in the house, and pair with retro accessories for a really funky look. Tile the complete wall floor with pattern, or highlight a small area and mix with metro tiles or wood effect finishes.

Portuguese Statement Floor Tiles

A little bit of tile history for you! Traditional Portuguese tiles are called ‘Azulejo’, which is the Arabic word for polished stone. Ceramic tiles were first utilized in Portugal and Spain in the 13th century, and their influence has travelled around the world. Portuguese tiles are bursting with character, with beautiful intricate patterned designs in a wide range of colours.

Portuguese style tiles will bring warmth to any room in the house, whether you opt for traditional blue and white or multicolour designs.

You can combine these iconic tiles with concrete surfaces or white marble for an authentic European feel, or take it to the next level, too, with wooden blinds or a reclaimed door to finish off the look.

Sevres Blue Portuguese Tiles

Sevres Blue Portuguese Tiles

Geometric Statement Floor Tiles

With the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic at large in the design world, it’s no surprise that geometric tiles are making a big comeback. Geometric tiles make a dramatic statement with precise symmetry and the ability to arrange the tiles however you desire. Geometric tiles aren’t just an addition to a design – they ARE the design!

You can make a statement in any room thanks to movement, iconic shapes and energetic patterns of geometric tiles, perfect as a welcoming hallway or as a kitchen that wows.

And again, if a whole floor is too much, you can frame a feature section with plain, wood effect or concrete tiles.

Statement Floor Tiles - Waterloo

Waterloo Patterned Floor Tiles

Floral Statement Tiles

We’ve seen a rise in demand for floral tiles over the years, to add softness to homes and to bring the feel of nature inside! Floral tiles work especially well in pastel bathrooms to create a soft look.

If full-out floral is too much, look for a more geometric style design with lines and angles for a more bold statement.

Floral tiles are ideal for creating country-style or Victorian-inspired rooms in the home and work wonderfully well with plain metro wall tiles.

Kilburn Blue Floral Tiles

Kilburn Blue Floral Tiles

Hexagon Statement Floor Tiles

Hexagon tiles are another growing trend, as they are a fantastic way to add personality and design to your house if you love interesting and unusual patterns. You can use them in a variety of ways throughout the entire house and their honeycomb design lets you create a whole range of fascinating formations.

Hexagonal tiles are available in a broad variety of colours, finishes, and textures. Add this six-sided polygon’s silhouette to your floor to give it the wow factor and make a statement. Many of our ranges include plain and patterned designs to help you really get creative with the look you want to achieve and to introduce as much pattern as you.

For more hexagon inspiration, see the latest hexagon tiles.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for 2021 - Bathroom-tile-trends-for-2021-Grazia

Grazia Hexagon Tiles

Herringbone Statement Floor Tiles

Looking to give your walls some interest and personality? Then you might want to consider herringbone tiles. This contemporary interior design style is ideal for making a bold statement to entirely transform your space and fits both classic and modern homes.

Herringbone tiling is more popular than ever, and your bathroom, bedroom, or living room will all benefit from this opulent layout. You can take a plain design and create so much movement by using a herringbone pattern. Glam up your floor with tiles in a range of colours, sizes, and finishes available in both ceramic and porcelain.

For more herringbone inspiration, read our handy herringbone blog post.

Bricola Dark Chocolate Wood Look Tile

Bricola Dark Chocolate Wood Look Tile

We hope our guide to statement floor tiles has inspired you to add some interest to your home! Why not peruse our products, browse through our blog or contact us if you need any help.

Why choose Statement Floor Tiles?

Statement floor tiles are a fantastic option for every room in the house and thanks to their anti-slip and anti-frost properties, they can now be utilised to update your outdoor spaces. They combine style and durability, are simple to maintain, and are available in a variety of designs.

Popular Statement Floor Tile Colours and Designs

Whatever your choice of interior we have an extensive range of quality to suit all tastes and budgets.  Whether you envisage a high shine luxury finish, sleek natural looking wood or stone effect designs, the latest upcycle industrial grey chic or want to go bold with a statement patterned or vintage style be inspired with our statement floor tile ideas.

We have a variety of shapes and sizes, from 20x20cm tiles to large 120x60cm tiles for a lovely seamless look. Whatever the design, floor tiles offer a practical and stylish solution for any room in your home. Shop our range today and order your free samples to try before you buy.

Choice Light Grey Matt Floor Tiles
Choice Light Grey Matt Floor Tiles
Valeria Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tiles
Valeria Marble Effect Wall and Floor Tiles
Castle Antic Parquet Flooring Tiles
Castle Antic Parquet Flooring Tiles
Castle Antic Parquet Flooring Tiles - Room Setting
Castle Antic Parquet Flooring Tiles - Room Setting