| Date: 05.03.2019

We love attending the Cevisama trade fair in Valencia and this year’s edition was one of the best ever. As a showcase of the tile industry’s new ranges, it’s great to see the latest tile trends from almost 800 exhibitors from 36 countries, and we came away inspired and with a massive list of new tiles to order!

After two action packed days of taking in thousands of tiles, here are our key takeaways that will show you the shape (size and colour) of tiles for 2019.

Top Tile Trends and Styles


Hexagon/Honeycomb tiles

As we predicted in our Top Tile Trends for 2019 blog, this six-sided shape was everywhere, but never in the same guise. From minimal monochrome to tarnished metallics, bold colours to delicate pastels, plain tiles to patterned, it just shows how versatile this shape can be. Whether you cover a whole area or break off the pattern into scattered pieces, this shape is not going out of style any time soon.

Tile Trends - Hexagon Honeycomb Tiles

Large-format tiles

When it comes to floor tiles, one of the main trends we saw was the bigger the better, with some 120cm x 360cm whoppers on display. The main benefit of large tiles is that they can create a more seamless surface in larger areas, such as luxury properties and open-plan office spaces. This also reduces the number of grout lines and gives a sleek and clean overall effect.

Although large in size, the thickness can be as little as 3.5mm. We saw industrial designs, classic marble patterns and more contemporary finishes.

Tile Trends - Pienza Avorio Tiles


Distressed metallic tiles

Metallic tiles always give a hint of luxury and glamour, but the distressed/corroded/oxidised look favoured by many designers really dazzled when on display. We admit that this might not be a style for everyone, but if you want something really daring and unique, then trust in the essence of rust.

Tile Trends - Mars Rust Tiles

Patterned tiles

From vintage designs to modern masterpieces, patterned tiles were a real crowd-pleaser at Cevisama. Monochrome was the dominant hue, along with pastel blues, soft beiges and mustard yellows. Whether you want to wow on the walls or get funky underfoot, patterned tiles always make a statement.

Tile Trends - Vinci Patterned Tiles

Marble effect tiles

We’ve always marvelled at marble effect tiles – perfect for creating the luxurious look of marble without the high price tag. We saw a wide range of thicknesses and finishes, and a choice of super shiny gloss or slightly more understated matt. Marblelous!

Tile Trends - Fontana Marble Tiles


Grey tiles

There’s no denying that grey is here to stay, and softly softly seems the shade of the year. Grey tiles always add a sophisticated neutral feel but also let you add vibrance with an accent colour, furniture or furnishings, like this gorgeous room layout from the Pamesa stand.

Tile Trends - Marble Tiles

Moody deep greens

As usual, we were right on the money in our Tile Trends for 2019 blog, and were captivated by some gorgeous deep greens, and vibrant emeralds on display. This is a colour that will bring interest to any room whether you use it in small sections or go for it with a whole floor or entire wall. Add in some lighter tiles or paint to really make it pop.

In fact, this Realonda Donegal Forest tile was our tile of the show. Hitting the mark with three trends in one go – hexagon, deep green and tarnished metallic – this striking tile really is something a bit different which was exactly what we were looking for.

Tile Trends - Donegal Hexagon Tiles

If our top tile trends and styles have inspired you with any of these ideas, then please get in touch to see if we can help find you the right tiles for your project!