| Date: 02.03.2023

If you have seen a tile described as rectified, you might be wondering what it is and whether it would be suitable for your project. Rectified tiles are growing in popularity as more people want a clean, modern and seamless look which you can achieve thanks to their sharp, precise finish.

Rectified tiles can be used on both walls and floors, and has many other benefits, including durability, low maintenance and value for money.

We will tell you everything you need to know about the revolutionary rectified tile, including materials to choose from, how to install and maintain them and a selection of our favourite designs for inspiration.

What is a rectified tile?

Unlike non-rectified tiles, the rectified tile has a precision edge that has been ground down to produce a ‘true’ 90-degree angle. Because of this, there is greater accuracy when they are installed, and the thinner grout lines required help to create an overall illusion of one continuous surface. Any differences between tiles are less visible, with the mechanical finish making the tiles more identical to one another with complete uniformity in length and width.

Lavica Grey Floor Tiles

Lavica Grey Floor Tiles

What’s the difference between rectified and non-rectified tiles?

The differences between rectified and non-rectified tiles are very slight, but they can still make a huge to the look and feel of your space.

A standard tile does not go through the same precise process when manufactured, which can result in edges that are slightly irregular. This can make the tiles slightly different sizes, and trickier to lay. They also require more grout lines between tiles, unlike the minimal spaces a rectified tile has to offer.

Both types of tile are available in the same colours, shapes and designs but have advantages and disadvantages. It will come down to the look that you are trying to create when deciding between them.

Rectified Tiles Non-rectified Tiles
More expensive Cheaper
Seamless look Can be a slight variation between tile sizes
Small, uniform grout lines Larger grout lines that may not be consistent in size


However, if you want to make your tiles pop by using contrasting grout, then a standard tile is a better choice, as more of the grout colour will show through – it will be too subtle with a rectified tile.

Icaro Marble Effect Blue Porcelain Tiles

Icaro Marble Effect Blue Porcelain Tiles

What are the benefits of a rectified tile?

There are many great benefits of rectified edges, including appearance, installation and maintenance.

Create a seamless look

The main benefit of a rectified tile is uniformity. As the tiles have been so precisely cut, they can be placed incredibly close together with a gap between them of as little as 1.5mm. With only a tiny grout line required, this results in a sharp and clean look for a seamless appearance for a beautiful floor or wall in your home. This works particularly well if you are using large format tiles with a rectified edge.

As a rectified tile is a fairly new option, be sure to discuss this with whoever is fitting your tiles to ensure that they are happy (and able!) to work with minimal grout lines,

Easier to install

Although working with a smaller grout line might be a new skill for your tiler, rectified tiles are a joy to install. As they are uniform in size and shape, it takes away any worry about tiles being mismatched or not being spaced evenly and reduces the need to trim any tiles post-installation. Therefore, the time and effort taken for tiling will be considerably less than when working with a non-rectified tile.

More hygienic and easier to clean

Less grout means less surface area for dirt, dust, mould and bacteria to hide away, making a rectified tile a much more hygienic option. With fewer grout lines, your tiles will be much easier and quicker to clean, giving you more time to admire your beautiful floor or wall!

Leyte Porcelain Beige Marble Tiles – Rectified

Leyte Porcelain Beige Marble Tiles – Rectified

How are rectified tiles made?

The process for making any type of tile is very similar at the beginning, Ceramic or porcelain is pressed into a mould which is then fired at high temperatures in a kiln.

During this firing process, a non-rectified tile can lose its uniformity. It’s very similar to biscuits expanding or shrinking in the oven while you’re baking.

A rectified tile will be larger before firing to allow for any shrinking whilst it’s in the kiln. The next step is to cut the tile to an exact size using specialist machinery such as a laser or diamond saw tip. This ensures that each tile has identical dimensions and the process is known as rectifying.

The tile is then soaked and glazed to enhance its strength and durability, before the final step of curing.

Are rectified floor tiles expensive?

The additional manufacturing process involved does push the price up of a rectified tile compared with its counterpart. But it’s worth the difference for a seamless look, which is much harder to achieve without those precision edges.

Are rectified tiles suitable for my home?

As a general rule, non-rectified tiles are a great choice for rustic, traditional-style interiors and rectified tiles are your best option for a seamless surface.

With any tile, take into consideration the colour and design you want, and if you prefer a matt or gloss finish. Don’t forget to decide on a grout colour to complete the look.

When you’re choosing tiles, you can take advantage of our free cut sample service – this gives you the chance to try out your tiles before you buy to see if you’re happy with them.

Nilo Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

Nilo Marble Effect Porcelain Tiles

Types of rectified tile

Porcelain Tile

One of the most widely used materials for rectified tiles is porcelain because of its high level of durability and resistance to fading, staining, and scratching. Finding a style that matches your intended aesthetic is simple with rectified porcelain tiles because they are available in a variety of colours and textures.

Porcelain tiles are very simple to install, making them perfect for DIY tasks. In contrast to ceramic tiles, they can be a little pricier.

Ceramic Tile

If you are on a budget, ceramic tiles can be a cheaper option than porcelain, although they are less durable. Made from clay and fired at high temperatures until they become dense and hard, ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of colours, designs, sizes and textures. A disadvantage of ceramic rectified tile is that they are more fragile than porcelain and can crack over time.

How to install a rectified tile

When it comes to laying a rectified tile, it can be a tricky process, but it’s well worth the effort for a beautiful result.

  1. The first step is to measure your space carefully. When ordering your tiles, we always recommend ordering an extra 10% to allow for any wastage due to cuts or breakages.
  2. When your tiles arrive, check each and every one carefully – the last thing you want is to spot any chips or faults after they have been installed!
  3. Before any tiles are laid, decide on the placement of the tiles to allow for any patterns to be followed or cuts required.
  4. A key stage in the installation process is to ensure the concrete wall or floor you are installing the tiles on is level. This is the case with any type of tile. Any large cracks will need to be filled in and the surface should be waterproofed to add a layer of protection
  5. After that, ensure that the surface is cleaned thoroughly to eliminate any debris, dirt or dust.
  6. A rectified tile should be laid in a precise grid-like pattern. Thanks to the accuracy and precision of the tile cutting, when you place each tile on the wall or floor, they should line up perfectly.

How to maintain a rectified tile

Tile cleaning is often an overlooked task, but if you treat your tiles with love, they will continue to look amazing and last for many years. If a rectified tile isn’t cleaned frequently, then dust and dirt can build up, so it’s important to try and clean your tiles at least once a week. We suggest a damp cloth or mop and a gentle, pH-neutral cleaner that is suitable for tiled surfaces. Some cleaners can be very abrasive or harsh – they can cause discolouration and damage to the tile, so read labels carefully.

Keep an eye on the sealant around your tiles and replace any that it getting worn away or too dirty. When choosing sealant, opt for one that is designed for ceramic or porcelain surfaces.

And finally, don’t forget to clean your grout, although with such small grout lines this won’t take you very long!

Macael White Grey Tiles

Macael White Grey Tiles


A rectified tile is the perfect choice for a stunningly seamless look in a chic, modern space. Ensure that they are laid properly and clean them regularly for a beautiful floor or wall that will last for years.

Our range of rectified tiles

Take a browse through our extensive range of rectified tiles, or have a look at some of our favourite suggestions here. If you need any advice on choosing or installing a rectified tile, please contact our friendly team and we will be happy to help.

Plain Tiles

If you want to invoke a wonderfully stylish industrial look, then a plain tile is an excellent choice. Choose from grey, white or beige for a blank canvas that you can accessories with contrasting or coordinating colours. Our Belfast tiles give you a sophisticated apartment look whilst adding warmth to your room.

Belfast Light Grey Porcelain Tiles

Belfast Light Grey Porcelain Tiles

Marble Tiles

Marble effect is an ever-popular floor and wall trend, and a rectified tile elevates this look with precise edges and fewer grout lines letting the beautiful design speak for itself. Our Calacatta range firmly remains our best seller and is available with grey or beige veining.

Calacatta White Gloss Floor Tiles - Grey Vein Design

Calacatta White Gloss Floor Tiles - Grey Vein Design

Terrazzo Tiles

The dots of Terrazzo are gracing walls and floors in a welcome revival! Choosing a rectified tile will make it difficult to spot where any joins are in the pattern. Our Doria range includes square, rectangle and hexagon designs so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire.

Doria Multi Pink and Blue Terrazzo Tiles – Rectified

Doria Multi Pink and Blue Terrazzo Tiles – Rectified

Wood Effect Tiles

While the non-precision of non-rectified wood effect tile will add to the charm of rustic floors and walls, a rectified tile such as our stunning Ebony honey tiles allows for a strikingly seamless effect which is ideal if you’re laying tiles in a heavenly herringbone formation.

Ebony Honey Wood Effect Herringbone Tiles

Ebony Honey Wood Effect Herringbone Tiles

Matching Wall and Floor Tiles

Choosing a matching wall and floor rectified tile gives you the opportunity to have a completely seamless look from wall to floor for the ultimate in swanky style. Try our Pienza (pictured) and Tessino ranges for a beautiful subtle stone effect.

Pienza Grey Gloss Floor Tiles

Pienza Grey Gloss Floor Tiles

Patterned Tiles

A rectified tile isn’t limited to plain designs – a gorgeous geometric pattern such as our Balmoral wall tiles will be a sheer delight thanks to those precision edges doing their thing and making sure that those sharp angles line up perfectly.

Buckingham Optic Grey Pattern Tiles

Buckingham Optic Grey Pattern Tiles

Textured Tiles

Add some depth and dimension to your home with a textured tile. You can opt for non-rectified split face tiles for a rustic effect, but we love the meticulous appearance from this lovely Lavica rectified tile in white and grey.

Lavica Matt White Tiles for Walls – Rectified Edges

Lavica Matt White Tiles for Walls – Rectified Edges

Colourful Tiles

Last but by no means least, the rectified tile revolution includes colour, so you can introduce your favourite shade into your interior design with the same attention to detail. Our alluring Alloy range includes metallic effect tiles in green, blue and grey.

Alloy Porcelain Dark Green Floor Tiles – Rectified

Alloy Porcelain Dark Green Floor Tiles – Rectified

We hope our guide to rectified tiles has inspired you to get the seamless look in your space. Feel free to browse our range of rectified tiles or contact us for advice and suggestions.