| Date: 24.07.2018

If you’re looking to create a chic and classic room, then our white bathroom tile ideas are here to inspire you.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged in the world of interior design that giving your bathroom a makeover using white bathroom tiles will make it look spacious and squeaky clean. There’s just something about a continuous flow of white that makes a space look spotless!

In this month’s blog we put together a white tiles vision board to inspire your next bathroom look:

Top Picks: White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Large White Tiles

For a simple clean line look, take a look at the Next range of large white bathroom tiles. Available in a choice of gloss and matt, the Next tiles can be used individually or as a duo for a more varied, contemporary look.

Match with a brick or mosaic feature wall to introduce some colour and draw the eye.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Mont Royal

Shabby Chic White Bathroom Tile Ideas

The Adine range of white bathroom tiles is ideal for creating a shabby chic look floor to ceiling. Spice things up by mixing in the chalky white décor tile with the soft white of the wall and floor tiles from the range to create a point of interest such as a feature wall or backsplash.

View more of our range of white bathroom tiles, or browse the colour match inspiration we’ve compiled below.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Adine

Grey and White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Use these on-trend wood effect tiles on your floor – rated R11 anti-slip and made from hard-wearing porcelain, the Roof white bathroom tiles are perfect for creating a chic look while keeping the flooring safe in a wet environment.

Learn more about what different anti-slip ratings mean.

You can combine these practical slip-resistant white bathroom floor tiles with versatile white gloss wall tiles from the range for a stylish all-white look broken up by stunning border and patterned tiles.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Roof Wood Effect Tiles

Black and White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Metro White Bathroom Tiles

If you are a fan of classic interior, a popular choice for bathroom tiles that remains timeless is the white metro tile. Freshen up the look of your bathroom with the stylish Vital White Metro Tiles.

Play around with grout colours to achieve different effects – white will make the eye travel smoothly, never go out of style and give your bathroom a clean look. Black grout with white bathroom tiles, on the other hand, will really have the pattern pop and give the space a vintage, industrial look.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Vital Metro Tiles

Cream and White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Our Borgogna stone effect tiles are another perfect choice of white bathroom tiles and can be combined with the rest of the colours available in this stunning stone effect range to create a rustic country look.

If you are designing a more sophisticated bathroom, this marble effect range is just the thing for you! Recreate the serene feeling of a spa in your own home by combining these with the soft sloping curves of a soaking tub or a claw-foot tub.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Borgogna Modular Tiles

Green and White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bring nature into your bathroom with the invigorating combination of green and white that the Artistic range offers. Use the stunning combination of two block shades to jazz up your walls, and inject some patterned colour with the random patterns of the matching green wall tiles – perfect for a backsplash or a feature wall!

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Artistic Sage and White Tiles

Top Tips: White Bathroom Tiles

Small vs Large White Bathroom Tiles

Contrary to what you may think, the size of your bathroom does not necessarily translate into the size of tile you need for the space. If you choose smaller tiles, you’ll have more grout lines visually breaking up the walls – an effect that a welcome aesthetic touch in bigger spaces, but might backfire if your bathroom is already on the small side.

In fact, large tiles might be the best choice for smaller spaces, as they expand the space by creating a smoother flow between individual tiles and making the bathroom look less cluttered by grout lines. Don’t give up on small tiles completely though – small coloured mosaic tiles are fantastic for a feature wall in a bathroom otherwise tiled in large white tiles.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Choosing white bathroom tiles is in itself a great start if you want to make your bathroom look more spacious. Mix this with other soft tones like beige and light grey to further boost the brightness, or even keep it white wall to wall.

Use white bathroom tiles with a reflective finish such as gloss to exaggerate the light entering the space, and experiment with different patterns which will trick the eye into perceiving the room as larger than it is, such as diagonal or brick bond.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Apennines Marble Metro Tiles

White Bathroom Tile Ideas for Large Bathrooms

When you are working with a larger space, you can choose to create a uniform look by installing matching white bathroom tiles throughout for a flowing look which invites the eye to slide across the walls and maintains the feeling of airiness.

If you prefer breaking up the space, you can add patterned or décor tiles which match your block white bathroom tile, and create a point of interest in the shape of a backsplash, feature wall or even as a border midway up the wall.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Baku White Bathroom Tiles

Baku White Bathroom Tiles

How to Clean White Bathroom Tiles

One responsibility that comes with the many perks of having white bathroom tiles is cleaning them – after all, you don’t want them to lose their sparkle and make the whole space look grotty.

Start by attacking the grout with a toothbrush and a cleaning agent such as a baking soda and vinegar mix. Chlorine-based bleach or specialist cleaners are your friends if you’re dealing with staining or mould, but you should only use these on white grout, as they can ruin the finish of coloured one.

For the tiles themselves, start by running a hot shower to open up the pores of the ceramic and allow yourself better access to the dirt lodged into the material. If you are a fan of home remedies, you can use the mix of vinegar and baking soda here as well and gently wipe the tiles using a sponge.

White Bathroom Tile Ideas - Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

We hope you’ve been inspired by our white bathroom tile ideas!

Browse our full range of white bathroom tiles and put together the perfect look for your space. Get in touch with the Direct Tile Warehouse team for tiling advice and to request free samples.