| Date: 31.07.2021

Why use mosaic tiles? Well, we can’t think of many reasons why not! The art of mosaics dates all the way back to Mesopotamia in 3BC when those creative Ancient Greeks used tiny pieces of molten glass to make gorgeous designs. Fast forward to today and modern mosaic tiles are available in ready-made sheets just waiting to jazz up your room with a touch of opulence. We show you how you can work some mosaic tile magic into your home in a variety of ways.

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Urban Mosaics

Why use mosaic tiles?

Mosaics make a great choice because they are durable, low-maintenance and versatile. As they are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, you can mix and match your mosaics to produce your own beautiful bespoke creations. Why use mosaic tiles? Hopefully we’ve given some great reasons!

Which mosaic tiles to choose?

There’s a wide variety of mosaic tiles to choose from, in a rainbow of colours, a range of textures and all shapes and sizes. They can be made from ceramic, porcelain, marble or glass.

Creating a design with mosaics

Mosaics are incredibly versatile, so you can be as creative as you like with them. Conjure up a theme with different shades of one colour, or design a pattern, such as stars or flowers. You can even replicate characters or scenes from your favourite film, like this Star Wars mosaic wall!

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Star Wars

Mosaic wall tiles

Mosaic tiles are ideal for walls as they are pretty invincible against heat from the kitchen or water from the shower or bath, and they don’t tend to peel or chip. If you want just a hint of mosaics, try using just a small amount as a feature border to break up plain tiles. Go a bit bolder with a backsplash or feature wall, or for a really indulgent room, go top-to-toe mosaics for a luxurious feel.

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Imperium

Mosaic floor tiles

Why use mosaic tiles on the floor? Mosaic tiles are surprisingly sturdy, so they are ideal for putting up with heavy foot traffic, water spills and inclement weather. They are also easy to clean, giving you a practical flooring solution that still has plenty of personality.

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Black and White

Mosaics for Swimming Pools

If you’re lucky enough to own a swimming pool, mosaic tiles are the ideal choice for making a splash, whether you go with a classic blue or a motif like this lovely dolphin – the ripples of the water will make it seem like it is moving under the water! You can also find fish, compasses and borders if those are more your thing.

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Swimming Pool Mosaic

Outdoor décor with mosaic tiles

Why use mosaic tiles only indoors? You can bring a splash of sparkle or colour to your garden, balcony or window by jazzing up an old flower pot, bird table, birdbath or even your path and steps with mosaic tiles.

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Recycling Tiles

Mosaic furniture

From tables to fireplaces, or soft furnishings like mirrors and vases, mosaics are a fun way to bring new life to your home in a unique way. Projects like these are fairly simple to achieve and can also be quite relaxing (and satisfying) to complete! If you’re putting mosaics near open fires, ceramics are the best choice due to their heat resistance.

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Recycling Tiles

Mosaic art

You can use any leftover mosaic tiles or just a few sheets of new tiles to make a really unique piece of decorative art for your home or as a gift. And remember, if it isn’t precise, it’s simply ‘rustic’!

Why Use Mosaic Tiles - Recycling Tiles

If you’ve changed your mind from “Why use mosaic tiles?” to “How soon can I buy mosaic tiles?”, browse our wide range of mosaic tiles, or contact us for help in choosing mosaics for your project. We’d love to see photos of your projects and creations!