Cutting-Edge Changing Room Tiles

Changing Room Tiles - changing room at Underhill Park, Swansea

A remarkable transformation has taken place at the brand-new Underhill Park Development in the picturesque coastal town of Mumbles, Swansea. This ambitious project has revitalised the tired sports facilities, providing a vibrant hub for the local community to come together, embrace sportsmanship, and create lasting memories.

By providing top-notch changing room tiles for the heart of the development, Direct Tile Warehouse had the privilege of being part of this exciting endeavour.

Underhill Park Development

Before the transformation, the previous sports facilities at Underhill Park had seen better days. However, with a clear vision in mind and £3 million of funding including a £250,000 grant from the Welsh Government, the local authorities and community organisations joined hands to revamp the area into a state-of-the-art sports destination.

The development seeks to cater to various sports and teams, providing opportunities for both professional athletes and local enthusiasts to indulge in their passions.

The primary focus of the project was to address the long-standing need for upgraded facilities, especially the changing rooms. These facilities play a crucial role in fostering a positive sports environment, ensuring that players feel comfortable, supported, and ready to give their best performance.

Martin Rodwell, a trustee of the Mumbles Community Association (MCA), expressed the pressing need for the upgrade, saying, “The rugby club has been after new facilities for years and years. How the old ones stood up I don’t know – it certainly didn’t take long to knock them down!”

The urgency for change was evident, and the development was set to bring significant improvement.

Changing room at Underhill Park, Swansea1

The Changing Room Tiles

When it came to selecting the perfect changing room tiles, there were essential considerations. The chosen tiles needed to be durable, ensuring they could withstand the rigours of daily use by multiple teams.

Additionally, slip-resistance was crucial, providing safety and preventing accidents in the busy and often wet environment of a changing room. Moreover, easy maintenance and cleanliness were also essential to ensure a pleasant experience for users.

We stepped up to the challenge by supplying around 400m2 of our premium Dotti and Corund commercial tiles. Renowned for their exceptional durability and anti-slip properties, they were the ideal choice for changing room tiles.

As well as the main tiles, we also provided skirtings, angles, adhesive and grouts. The changing room tiles not only met but exceeded the expectations of the Underhill Park Development team, ensuring a reliable and stylish solution.

Douglas Johnson, Underhill Development Manager, said: “The tiles were a fantastic choice – they look great and are perfect for coping with all the mud and dirt from the pitch!”

Changing Room Tiles - changing room at Underhill Park, Swansea

Additional Community Hub and Café

In addition to the sports facilities, the Underhill Park Development has become more than just a sports destination. The project has also included the creation of a new community hub and café.

This addition has further enriched the site, providing a welcoming space for community members to gather, socialize, and connect beyond the bounds of sports.

The new community hub and café serve as a central meeting point, offering a variety of events and activities for residents and visitors alike. It has become a place where friendships are forged, and the sense of community is strengthened, contributing to the overall well-being and happiness of the area’s residents.

Changing Room Tiles - changing room at Underhill Park, Swansea

Future Plans

The commitment to providing the best facilities for the community does not stop with the changing rooms and community hub. Underhill Park Development has exciting plans for the future, including the installation of an all-weather pitch. This addition will open up new avenues for various sports and activities, allowing the community to stay active and engaged regardless of the weather conditions.

The new Underhill Park Development stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and dedication to the community. Our contribution of premium changing room tiles has helped exude comfort, safety, and modernity, encouraging athletes to give their all on the field.

The facilities have become thriving centres of social interaction, further enhancing the overall experience at Underhill Park. The future is bright, and the development will continue to be a beacon of community pride and sporting excellence.

Accessible shower in the changing room at Underhill Park Swansea

For more information about the project, please visit the Go Underhill website.

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