Georgia’s Wow Factor Home with Grey Industrial Tiles

Grey Industrial Tiles - Kitchen

When our Cemento grey industrial tiles were tagged in Georgia’s gorgeous photos on Instagram, we knew we had to share her fantastic home renovation with you. Find out how her home in South Wales has been lovingly transformed from bleak to chic.

My partner and I purchased our second home in November 2020, an extreme renovation project with it being a 1960’s detached build. Our inspiration was an open plan modern living space. We totally transformed the ground floor, changing the layout and of course the entire décor.

Our dream was to incorporate light grey industrial tiles throughout as we aimed for a modern effect. Tiles are so effective and easy to keep clean, especially with a golden retriever! The ground floor consists of a kitchen diner, utility, study, hallway, bathroom and living room and all these rooms have been completely transformed with grey industrial tiles throughout. As a young couple, we like a clean, effective and modern look. Direct Tile Warehouse most definitely provides products in order to achieve those goals.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Kitchen

Whilst renovating the kitchen/diner, we switched the layout, knocked down walls, built new walls and added an extra window. An open plan kitchen/dining area was our aim and we totally achieved that.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Before and After - Diner

We extended the main bathroom as it appeared dark and cramped. We chose white wall tiles as we aimed for a clean, minimal look in the bathroom. With the feature bath, we wanted the focus on that. The white wall tiles work great, you can add a splash of colour in the décor wherever you please. The grey industrial tiles are continued throughout the ground floor of the house which allows the rooms to flow.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Before and After - Bathroom

The living area is the main room in our house. Renovation is an understatement; this room has been totally transformed by removing the existing ceiling and creating a vaulted ceiling with Velux windows. The grey industrial tiles work so well in the living area as it gives that modern look we were aiming for.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Before and After - Living Room

Choosing our Grey Industrial Tiles

Direct Tile Warehouse was the first place we shopped, having previously purchased from there, we instantly knew that they would have what we wanted. Not only do we have floor tiles but we also have bathroom wall tiles.

We were torn between two tiles, the same effect but slightly different colours. We showed the sales assistant the look that we wanted to achieve, he advised us on which ones he thought would look best. The experienced team provided us with such helpful advice especially when you’re so indecisive.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Before and After

On our return to choose bathroom wall tiles, again we were torn between two different tiles, both looking very similar but a different cut. The friendly, knowledgeable sales assistant informed us of the difference in cut between both tiles and told us what would look best in the bathroom! We chose Cemento Grey Tiles which are porcelain floor tiles for the whole ground floor. We then chose white gloss ceramic wall tiles for the bathroom.

I can assure you that Direct Tile Warehouse will have what you’re looking for, the range is so wide.  The service at Direct Tile Warehouse was outstanding.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Living Area

The finished result is a dream, we have achieved our inspiration and beyond.

Would I recommend Direct Tile Warehouse? That’s a no brainer! Direct Tile Warehouse is our ‘go to’ tile shop! I couldn’t recommend them enough. Our renovation journey continues so we cannot wait to return to Direct Tile Warehouse for more amazing products.

Grey Industrial Tiles - Bathroom

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