Jean’s Dream Grey Kitchen

Room shot of Jean's Grey Kitchen after renovation showing grey vinyl flooring and marble splashback above the counters

This week we caught up with Jean who went on holiday to India and came home to a brand-new renovated grey kitchen.

We love this sleek transformation, and the results are so satisfying. Using our SPC Vinyl Flooring tiles for her grey kitchen and living room area, this renovation has achieved a modern and contemporary feel for her new space which feels light and airy.

Read more to find out about this renovation journey.

Stylish Grey Kitchen

Coming back from holiday can always be an anti-climax, so it was amazing to return from my trip to India to a brand-new grey kitchen! I was blown away by what awaited me at home.

I’m lucky that my son Christopher runs a plumbing company called C J Heating Services, so he’s always on hand to help with renovations! He’s a big advocate for Direct Tile Warehouse and he convinced me to go with their new range of SPC Vinyl Floor tiles.

Room shot of a before photo of Jean's Dream Grey Kitchen

The kitchen was in dire need of a makeover, and we decided on a more modern vibe. I chose chic grey units and a funky splashback, paired with sleek integrated appliances and some snazzy under-cupboard lighting to tie it all together with the grey kitchen space.

Room shot of Jean's Grey Kitchen after renovation showing grey vinyl flooring and marble splashback above the counters

But the real game-changer was the flooring. Christopher had been raving about Direct Tile Warehouse’s new range of SPC Vinyl Flooring. He assured me it would give us the look of real wood without all the hassle and maintenance for our grey kitchen.

And he was right. The flooring completely exceeded my expectations. It added a touch of warmth and charm to the grey kitchen, while still being super easy to clean and maintain. I was so impressed that I decided to extend the grey kitchen aesthetic into the living room as well.

Jean's Dream Grey Kitchen - Closeup of Vinyl SCP Flooring Living Room using SPC Light Grey Vinyl Click Flooring Tiles – Matt
Jean's Dream Grey Kitchen - Closeup of SPC Vinyl Flooring

SPC Light Grey Vinyl Click Flooring Tiles – Matt

Choosing the light grey shade added an airy, contemporary feel to the space while effortlessly blending with the aesthetic of the grey kitchen.

Now, every time I step into my grey kitchen or lounge area in the living room, I just love how much of a difference the flooring has made. It’s like I’m living in a whole new home!

So, if you’re thinking about sprucing up your space, I highly recommend checking out Direct Tile Warehouse’s SPC Vinyl Flooring range. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I absolutely love my brand-new grey kitchen and upgraded living room space.

Jean's Dream Grey Kitchen - Room Setting

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