Rhian’s Magnificent Monochrome Bathroom Renovation

Monochrome bathroom customer project with bold yellow walls

As soon as we saw the cheerful yellow paint going on the walls in Rhian and Matt’s monochrome bathroom renovation against monochrome patterned tiles, we knew there would be a great end result we could share with the world. Their updates on Instagram gripped us like a beefy storyline in EastEnders and we couldn’t wait for the next instalments! We spoke to them to find out more about their fabulous project.

Monochrome Bathroom with Victorian tiles

When we got the keys to our new house in August, we had a pretty good idea of what we were going to do with it as we’d had plenty of time in lockdown to plan. The bathroom wasn’t part of any of that! We knew we wanted to change the layout eventually, but the idea was to just give it a lick of paint and worry about it in a year or so.

Then we had to check a leak, pull some floorboards up and were advised that the floor joists weren’t up to scratch and needed replacing so things changed quickly! Conversations were had, layouts were put together on Photoshop and plumbers were consulted to see if the layouts were possible.

Monochrome bathroom customer project with bold yellow walls

Creating a monochrome bathroom renovation

The monochrome patterned floor tiles were actually one of the first things we sourced. Friends of ours had similar tiles from Direct Tile Warehouse in their house and we ended up picking a different version of them. We plumped for the Boulevard Black and White Floor Tiles.

We knew we wanted carry out a monochrome bathroom renovation but wanted to keep some of the yellow we’d had in the previous house as it’s a happy colour to walk into in the mornings. These tiles fitted our design ideas and were very reasonably priced, which is very important when you’re decorating every room in the house on a modest budget!

We visited Direct Tile Warehouse a number of times after we first chose the tiles but were in no position to order them straight away as the house was a building site; a new kitchen was going in, new flooring in the lounge and new patio doors were being fitted. Every time we visited, the service was excellent. They totally understood the situation and gave us a load of advice.

Monochrome bathroom customer project with bold yellow walls

We absolutely love our finished monochrome bathroom renovation and would definitely recommend Direct Tile Warehouse to anyone who asked!

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If you would like to create a monochrome bathroom of your own, then why not check out our black and white tile range here.

If you’re looking to create a monochrome bathroom renovation of your own, why not be inspired by our blog post all about black tiles? It’s a great starting point.

Choosing Monochrome Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to black and white tiles, there is a huge range to choose from for your monochrome bathroom.

Opt for classic 1930s black and white squares or a distinctive pattern. These designs will work well in both contemporary and traditional homes.

And don’t forget, if a whole wall or floor of patterned tiles is too much, you can always just use a few tiles. Why not create a stunning feature wall or box in a section of floor with complementary white tiles?

Don’t forget that you can also create a monochrome bathroom by introducing accessories in either black or white against plain walls and floors.

Some of our favourite monochrome bathroom tiles are below, or you can shop the range here.