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Bethan's Outdoor Tiles Customer Project

We were thrilled to see our outdoor tile collection taking pride of place in Bethan’s garden. Her detailed design process and innovative decision to lay the tiles diagonally created the illusion of a more spacious, inviting garden. This creative approach transformed her outdoor space into a perfect haven for relaxing and entertaining. We couldn’t wait to catch up with Bethan to hear more about her stunning garden makeover!

In 2022, my partner and I found our dream home in South Wales (@renoat51_ on Instagram). Built in the 1990s, this charming house was ready for a fresh makeover to match our vision of a modern, yet classic, home. With my partner’s carpentry wizardry and my keen eye for design, we began an exciting adventure to transform our space inside and out.

Thanks to my partner’s skills, we were fortunate to handle most of the house and garden projects ourselves. We wanted to look back on our home with pride in what we had accomplished.

Choosing Our Outdoor Tiles 

The garden initially consisted of grass, trees, and ivy. We dreamed of a modern garden with a patio area for hosting and enjoying summer days and evenings. We eagerly started digging out the garden, but it quickly became clear we had our work cut out for us.

The biggest challenge was finding the right outdoor tile that matched our aesthetic and practical requirements. We wanted large, square, grey, porcelain outdoor tiles with a ‘washed’ look, varied tones, and anti-slip properties.

After browsing online and in various tile stores, we visited our local Direct Tile Warehouse. We immediately fell in love with the Lake Grigio Grey Anti-Slip porcelain outdoor tiles (ZEN302), sized 60cm x 60cm x 20cm. These tiles stood out due to their quality, aesthetic appeal, and competitive pricing compared to other styles we had seen.

At the time, we were still in the middle of garden excavation and concrete work so we weren’t quite ready for our outdoor tiles just yet. However, we were able to secure the ones we wanted thanks to the flexibility of Direct Tile Warehouse. The store held the tiles and arranged delivery to coincide with the completion of the groundwork.

When the outdoor tiles arrived, we laid them on a diagonal to follow the angle of the garden rather than horizontally, as we felt this made the garden feel more spacious.  This innovative layout transformed our space into a beautiful, inviting garden, perfect for relaxing and entertaining in the summer months. 

So, if you’re thinking of sprucing up your home, I would highly recommend Direct Tile Warehouse for their value for money, and great quality service. We LOVE the tiles so much! 

Bethan's Outdoor Tiles Customer Project

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Outdoor tiles Customer Project