Zara’s Amazing Beige Home

An image of Zara's beige home using our Adonis Beige Matt tiles

Zara’s vision for her new beige home was based on a warm, modern cottage feel. With this in mind, we were excited to help her bring this to life by supplying the right tiles to create her darling, dreamy home.

Opting for a soft beige colour to complement the natural lighting in her home, our Adonis Beige Matt tiles give a classy look to her hallway, en-suite and main bathroom.

We caught up with Zara to find out more about her recent renovation project.

Zen Beige Home

We envisioned our new beige home having a warm modern cottage feel.

Our house is a new-build and we moved in at the end of 2023. The type of tile style we were after is not very popular. However, from a young age, I remember a close family friend having real stone floors and ever since I have always wanted a similar style in my forever home. Because of what we wanted, we thought it would be difficult to find, but fortunately, Direct Tile Warehouse had the exact style we were looking for!

Initially, we asked if the tiles could be kept on hold for us until we moved into our new beige home, so I emailed Direct Tile Warehouse asking for this option for delivery.

Before and After of Zara's beige home using our Adonis Beige Matt Tiles

They responded quickly and were very accommodating and understanding. The delivery was quick with regular updates. The price and quality of the tiles we ordered were fantastic, we had no damaged tiles which is pretty amazing, especially since we ordered 145 tiles.

The tiles we ordered were the 60 x 60 Adonis Beige Matt with a stone textured look/finish, they were exactly what we were looking for!! At this point, I could see my beige home vision coming to life. We added warmth and character to our new-build home after having an empty shell.

Photo of Zara's beige hallway

We asked our tiler if the tiles could be laid staggered rather than perfectly lined for more of a stone floor feel. This was the first time he had laid tiles like this and now he has already had other customers asking for the same style since completing our project.

We are absolutely over the moon with the finished result and we have had so many compliments from family, friends and kind Instagram followers on our beige home.

I highly recommend Direct Tile Warehouse for their amazing quality tiles, fast delivery, brilliant packaging which prevents breakages, and friendly and happy customer service.

An image of Zara's beige home using our Adonis Beige Matt tiles

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