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Medium Floor Tiles

Medium size tiles offer the greatest tile choice of colours and designs, and are a perfect option for bathroom and kitchen floor tiles.
Orly Black and White Tiles

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Medium Floor Tiles

The biggest advantage of medium floor tiles come in the widest range of colours and designs, making them ideal for bathroom and kitchen floors.

Patterned or plain, neutrals or bright colours, the choice is yours.

Our favourite medium floor tiles

Our Dotti domestic or commercial floor tiles have anti slip ratings ranging from R9 to R11 and are ideal as floor tiles where a hard-wearing tile is required. These full body porcelain tiles are also suitable as exterior floor tiles or as garage floor tiles. They are available in a lovely range of neutral colours.

Dotti Commercial Floor Tiles - Anthracite

Our Eternity patterned tiles are great for adding colour and interest to your walls and floors as decorative floor tiles or patterned wall tiles. They are available in beige, grey, black & white and wood effect.

Grout for medium floor tiles

Grout colour is significant since it has the ability to drastically alter the look of your area. Match your grout colour to your medium floor tiles for a consistent look. As a result, the boundaries merge, giving the impression of a larger space.

Use a contrasting colour to make each tile stand out. It’s entirely your decision!

Samples of medium floor tiles

Large floor tiles come in a range of styles, finishes, and designs. A wide range of high-quality porcelain big floor tiles are available. For assistance, please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse staff. Simply add free tile samples to your shopping basket to receive them.