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Black Kitchen Tiles

Achieve a monochrome look with our selection of black kitchen tiles. Our range of black kitchen tiles are versatile to suit the style of your kitchen’s walls and floors.

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Black kitchen tiles

What goes with black kitchen tiles?

Any colour of tile will look good with black tiles. Use it to create a black background for light colours or to draw attention to a specific area. Black is opulent and elegant, and it serves as a backdrop for other colours, fabrics, and materials to shine.

Do you prefer a monochrome colour scheme? Our Serenity collection features black and white tiles that complement our patterned Victorian Tulip and Viola collections. Alternatively, add a touch of monochromatic to your space with black and white accessories or wall coverings. This is especially effective in restrooms, where the walls can be closed in for a more intimate, sanctuary-like atmosphere.

Always think of grout when choosing tiles, since it has the potential to completely change the look of your space. Black kitchen tiles have the advantage of being able to be utilised with any type of grout.

To create a uniform design and make your space appear larger, use black tiles with black grout. The tile edges will appear to blur together as a result of this. Black grout is also practical because it requires less maintenance, which is always a plus.

Use black tiles with white grout to break up the flow and call attention to the individual tile shape to create the opposite effect. This is a good alternative if you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling (e.g. metro tiles or herringbone).

Black tiles with white grout are a wonderful design feature if you’re striving for a monochrome or industrial look.

The Opal collection is ideal for small but beautiful kitchens. It’s made up of basic and decorative hexagons that may be used on floors or walls for a stylish aesthetic.

Samples of black kitchen tiles

If you need samples or advice with creating your perfect black tiled bathroom or kitchen the Direct Tile Warehouse team will be pleased to help.

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