| Date: 21.02.2018

Today, we’re going to show you the benefits of a black tile bathroom. You might not think of black as a natural recommendation for tile choice as we prepare to transition into Spring, but bear with us.

As trendy as minimalism is in interior design, it’s pretty hard to replicate the undisturbed perfection of the nearly empty living room you might see pictured in design magazines or on Pinterest if you live in a house that you actually intend to – you know – do some living in. White spaces can be difficult to clean, while grey can become boring pretty quickly. Enter: the black tile.

Black Tile Bathroom Ideas

As you change your soft furnishings over the years, these sophisticated choices are sure to enhance whatever contemporary additions you choose. Here is a selection of our favourite black tile bathroom suggestions.

Metro Black Tile Bathroom

This black glossy metro tile injects personality and intrigue into this kitchen. We love the way the gloss reflects light back into the space, which might be surprising for a black tile. The black is sophisticated yet warm, while the clean lines of the contrasting grout colour add some rich texture to the palette of the room.

Madrid Black Gloss Wall Tiles

Madrid Black Gloss Wall Tiles

Hexagon Black Tile Bathroom

For the utmost six-sided style and sophistication, why not try a hexagon tile in black? Our fabulous Opal range gives you the choice of a plain or patterned tile that you can use on their own or alongside the white tiles from the range.

Black Tile Bathroom - Opal Black Hexagon Tiles

Sophisticated Stone Black Tile Bathroom

Keep it simply beautiful with black stone effect tiles. They work brilliantly with a pop of white bathroom fittings and natural wood accessories.

Black Tile Bathroom - Buckingham Black Tiles

Stunning Split Face Black Tile Bathroom

Split face tiles are an ever-popular choice with our customers, as they add lots of texture and interest to any room, indoors our outside. Use them in the bathroom for an absolutely gorgeous feature wall.

Black Tile Bathroom - Aspen Black Split Face Tiles

Add some sparkle

Our Strauss sparkle tiles will add lots of glitz and glamour to your bathroom, turning it from a purely functional room to a beautiful sanctuary. The sparkle detail of these tiles will reflect light around the room too.

Black Tile Bathroom - Strauss Black Tiles

Somewhere on your tile decision journey, you’ve probably considered mosaics – but, have you considered black mosaics? A black mosaic accent wall in the bathroom or splashback in the kitchen looks impossibly sleek and timeless.

There are plenty of complementary tiles to choose from for your floor choice too – a mosaic wall does not need to be paired with a mosaic floor: think instead about maybe a hard-wearing slate-style floor like this beautifully textured floor tile or this muted option.

Top tip: The grout colour will make a huge difference with the styling of any mosaic. But, fear not, whatever look you’re going for, whether a rigid neutral grid or a multicoloured piece of wall art, we’ve got you covered with our huge range of grout shades, from Sage to Charcoal to Ivory.  Plus, there are so many sources of geometric and graphic tile inspiration online, for example, if you need some convincing on multicoloured grouts, check out this amazing London apartment.

Black Tile Bathroom - Quartz Black Mosaic Tiles

We have further options if you’re still not fully sold on the idea of a black tile bathroom. For a choice with a dash of colour and a whole lot of intrigue, we recommend the Orly range (pictured above). Or, if it’s a more classic look you’re after, the Regent range has you covered. Take your time and peruse our full range of black tiles online today.

And remember, you can easily order free samples through our website and you can always drop into one of our showrooms to get some advice and suggestions.