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Cream Wall Tiles

Stylish cream wall tiles perfect for cream kitchen tiles and for beautifully neutral coloured bathrooms. For tiling advice and free tile samples please contact Direct Tile Warehouse.
Cream Wall Tiles

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Cream Wall Tiles

Cream tiles are a timeless classic when it comes to altering your floors. Their nice soft tones can add warmth to your space while remaining light and airy.

For a modest style, pair with greige and taupe, or go for an opulent effect with browns and beiges.

Grout for cream wall tiles

Grout has the power to completely change the look of your home, so keep that in mind when choosing tiles.

Choose cream tiles with cream grout to produce an unified aesthetic and make your area appear larger. The tile edges will appear to be blending in together.

For the opposite effect, use cream tiles with dark grout to break up the flow and draw emphasis to the individual tile shape.

Soft cream porcelain tiles from our Reval collection can be used on both walls and floors. They come in a basic pattern as well as a textured accent tile to create a beautifully unified look.

Samples of cream wall tiles

We want you to be happy with your cream floor tiles so please order some free tile samples to test out the colour and texture in different lights.

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