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Metro Tiles

Metro Tiles in a range of styles for traditional or modern designs. Choose from bold and soft modern colours, Victorian inspired tones to popular white metro tiles.
Mini Forest Marble Effect Metro Tiles

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Metro Tiles

How to tile with Metro Tiles

As metro tiles are relatively small, there are many possibilities for how to utilise them, whether you want to tile from floor to ceiling or just use a few to make a statement. Our handy blog post demonstrates how to tile using metro tiles in a variety of patterns and styles, and hopefully inspire you to bring some metro magic into your home.

Grout for metro tiles

When you’re choosing tiles, it’s always really important to consider which colour grout to opt for. This is because grout can completely change the look of your space

For a uniform look and to give the appearance that your room is larger, opt for a matching grout. This will also give the impression of tile edges flowing into one another.

For the opposite effect, pair a contrasting grout with your metro tiles to disrupt the flow and make the individual tile shape pop out. This is a great choice if you want to emphasise the pattern of your tiling, for example with a herringbone pattern.

To help you choose your tiles, we’ve grouped together some of our most popular ranges of metro tiles. Choose from pastel metro tiles, traditional white metro tiles or go bold with the deep colours in our Glamour and Turner ranges.

If you need samples or advice to create the perfect look with metro tiles, the Direct Tile Warehouse team will be pleased to help!