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Modular Tiles

Beautiful floor tile patterns are easy to achieve with these stone effect modular tiles. Please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team for free tile samples.
Borgogna Stone Effect Modular Floor Tiles

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If you’re not sure please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team.


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These modular floor tiles come in packs with a selection of sizes and layout ideas helping you to create wonderful floor designs. Please ask for team for more information.

Why choose modular tiles?

Modular floor tiles are tiles that, instead of utilising straight lines, create a visual pattern on the floor of your home in any room. Instead of straight lines, the tiles can be of various sizes and organised in a repeating pattern. This can provide a number of advantages to any space in your house.

Modular tiles have a lot more natural impact than straight lay tiles when it comes to adding a natural touch to your decor. This can easily be mistaken for a classic or rural style stone floor, and it will give a touch of nature to your space. This is ideal for any location where you wish to blend natural and man-made elements, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and conservatories.

Modular tiles are a versatile tiling option that are not limited to country style homes or traditional areas.
In fact, they can work well in modern homes as well, because they contrast with the regular and straight edges seen in other architectural elements. These tiles come in a variety of colours and styles that are suited for any home.

Grout for modular tiles

The grout colour you choose for your modular tiles has the power to radically change the look of your room. Choosing a similar shade to your tiles create the illusion of tile borders flowing into one another, giving the room a consistent look and making it appear larger.

For the opposite effect to emphasise the pattern of your tiling, choose a contrasting colour.

Modular tiles – free samples

We want you to be happy with your tiles, so we offer a free sample service so you can try before you buy. Simply go to the product page and add up to four samples to your basket.

For advice and recommendations, please contact the Direct Tile Warehouse team who will be happy to help.